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Dr. Kővári Ádám





I started my law studies at the Faculty of Law of Pázmány Péter Catholic University, where I graduated with classification „cum laude” in 2018. During my university years I worked as a trainee in a law firm in the centre of Budapest with an extensive Hungarian and international clientele, where I was able to use my knowledge as a trainee lawyer. During these years, I assisted the lawyers in numerous litigation and non-litigation proceedings, thus acquiring the competences that helped me to pass the bar exam in 2023.

After taking the oath, I continued my activities as a self-employed lawyer, with the routine and experience gained over the years. My specialisation is civil law, in particular real estate law, corporate law, contract law, litigation and non-litigation law, such as liquidation, debt settlement and debt collection.

My work is based on the principles of professionalism, dedication and quality, and I act in the best interests of my clients from the first personal meeting until the conclusion of the proceedings. I attach the utmost importance to providing my Clients with an efficient and high quality legal service based on a partnership, which results in a successful and complex solution to all components of the legal problems they face.

The lawyer's fee is subject to an agreement, which is determined taking into account all the circumstances of the case. The first consultation hour is free of charge!


In addition to Hungarian, I also provide legal services in English and Italian.

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"I can pass nothing except my essence."
- Imre Madách -

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